About Articuleat

Hello and welcome to ‘Articuleat’, a blog which fuses knowledge and experience of the culinary world, with a passion for food writing.

After the mild success of my first blog, designed to help financially challenged students (as I was at the time) cook tasty food to a budget, I became hooked on the blogosphere. I gained a a great satisfaction in knowing that others enjoyed cooking my food as much as I did. So I am back with a culinary vengeance to show you all that I don’t stop at student food.

Articuleat is the place to come for a current affairs food perspective with a sense of humour. It acts as a forum for a wide range of weird and wonderfull recipes and articles created, produced and photographed by myself.

Now a little about myself…

I am currently 22 and have worked in a range of professional kitchens for the last ten years, most memorably the one rosette status ‘Kings Arms Hotel’ (Oxfordshire), and the newly launched and highly acclaimed ‘Begging Bowl’ (London). About half way through this so far short-lived career, I felt a sudden urge to do something a little more than just chef – so I completed a Journalism degree at Kingston University.

For many years I have always had a desire to be a food writer, I have also come to realise that subconsciously, I have shaped most of my life around gaining the bare essentials to make this happen. I believe that in order for me to write about food in an interesting way, I needed to throw myself into the deep end and rough it out in the kitchen. Every day is a school day in the kitchen, no matter how experienced you are – my life aim is to share what I learn through working in the kitchen, so you don’t have to.

Now a little about ‘Articuleat’…

My posts within this blog aim to be a delicate yet humourous balance of culinary articles and recipes. I was lucky enough to write for many publications as a result of my last blog which I enjoyed thoroughly, I now wish to continue this whilst having my own place to share my thoughts. With ‘Articuleat’ I am setting up my own little corner of the internet to share what I have learned through working in the catering industry, as well as discussing some interesting ‘foodie’ topics that I come across in my random obsessive impulses with food.

Food is a large part of my life which I would feel naked without, as you are reading this I’m sure we share this passion. So finally, thanks for taking an interest in my blog and please do read on and hopefully you enjoy what you read.

As always, sharing is caring so please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment if you have something you would like to ask and I will reply as swiftly as possible.

Eat well,

Sebby Holmes


13 thoughts on “About Articuleat

  1. Thanks for checking out and following Miss Chris Creations recently! I hope you get a chance to try out a recipe or two for yourself. I look forward to following your future posts as well!


    • Thanks Christine. I came across your blog and loved it so had to keep my eye out. I will definitely be trying some of your recipes – keep up the good work. Thanks for checking out Articuleat I hope that you enjoy reading my posts.

      Eat well,


    • Hi Petra! I’m great thanks, how are you? Thanks so much, I happily accept the award that’s very kind of you. I feel privileged to get a shout out from you, love reading your blog. I will continue with the ‘one lovely blog award’ as soon as I get time to put it up. And I look forward to reading the other awarded bloggers. Take care and keep blogging

  2. Hi Sebby,
    Have you heard of “My Writing Process blog tour”? I hadn’t heard of it before, but it sounds really interesting! It’s another way for us bloggers to continue to get to know one another and be introduced to other blogs.
    I’ve been invited to join the “My Writing Process” blog tour and have accepted for June 2nd, 2014. This tour rolls out across three new bloggers’ sites each week. So, I can invite three writers to carry the tour forward. I really admire your blog and think it would be interesting for more bloggers to hear about your writing process! I guess it’s essentially a chain letter of sorts, but a little bit more sophisticated!
    Your date would be June 9, 2014. Please let me know if you’re interested. If you choose not to participate, that is completely fine with me too. Please just let me know, so I can ask other bloggers.
    This is how it works:
    Follow the steps below and post to your blog on the date given. Acknowledge the person who invited you and mention that the post is part of the My Writing Process Blog Tour; answer the four questions provided below, nominate (ask) three bloggers to follow with short bios and blog links for all.
    FIRST: I’ll feature your on my blog on June 2nd, stating you’re next. Then it’s over to you to prepare your own blog post.
    STEP ONE: Acknowledge the person & site that involved you in the blog tour. That’s me! Here’s the link to my blog: petra08.wordpress.com (Of course you might already know this! ☺)
    STEP TWO: Answer the 4 questions below about your writing process:
    1) What am I working on?
    2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
    3) Why do I write what I do?
    4) How does your writing process work?
    STEP THREE: Say who is on next week (your own chosen three) – give a brief bio and link to the website for each of them. Their date would be June 9, 2014.
    Here’s a link to the blog tour post from the person who nominated the person who invited me, so you can see how it works:
    I would love to learn a little more about you.
    Please let me know if you’d like to participate ASAP, so I can ask others if need be. Thanks so much,


    • Hi Petra, yes that sounds great what and awesome idea. It’s a shame I can’t put your blog in it again- love it!

      So that’s all pretty clear except what date do I need to get mine up on my blog for?

      Thanks again for the kind words and I’m honoured that you like my blog so much. I look forward to reading yours tomorrow and sharing a little more about myself and what I’m up to with you.


      P.S my email is sebbyholmes@aol.com if you ever need to contact me directly

      • hi Sebby

        I am so happy you are accepting! 🙂 I can’t wait to read more about you.
        The date is June 9th, I will publish mine later today. Thanks for the e-mail, I will confirm the date on e-mail as well, just in case 🙂


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