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Me in the middle with Andy & Craigy at the last Eat Grub event in London Feilds

Ever since I started my first food blog back in 2009, I have become more and more fixated with the blogosphere. For some unknown reason I’ve always had an undying love towards the culinary world. Throughout my short-lived career as a chef and food blogger I’ve quickly come to realise that I’m in no way alone with this wonderful obsession.

A food blog isn’t just a bunch of recipes, pictures or a public diary – it’s an insight to someone else’s world. An opportunity to compare and connect with like-minded individuals. It’s for this reason that I love it!

After reading ‘foodeatlove’ by Petra ‘’ on a regular basis, I was honoured when she invited me to take place in the ‘writing process blog tour’. I highly recommend giving her blog a read. Her love and passion for quality, home-grown ingredients are brilliantly highlighted in her recipes and consistently awesome photography. If you’re not hungry- you will be after reading her blog.
I had never heard of this tour before but it’s a great idea.The tour rolls out across three new bloggers’ sites every week. Each accepting blogger then shares a selection of their favourite blogs, week after week allowing readers to explore deeper into the unknown. It’s a great way to discover new blogs that you otherwise may have missed.

These are the questions I have been asked to answer:

What am I working on?

Over the last year I have found myself working on some unexpected, but quite amazing projects. I began my culinary adventure after I graduated from Kingston University two years ago. From there I began working in a Thai street food restaurant called ‘The Begging Bowl’ located just outside of Peckham. I’m currently sous chef in the same location and the success has been phenomenal. Since the place began two years ago it has got busier every day and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of it. My love for cooking food from scratch and not cutting any corners drew me to ‘The Begging Bowl’. Although hard work, there is not too many places in London that make their own curry pastes and crack fresh coconut cream every day. It’s certainly an experience that has pushed me to progress as a knowledgable chef .

Aside from ‘The Begging Bowl’, I have also been working lots with a company called ‘EatGrub’. Grub are a start-up company with an ambition to put insects on the menu in the UK. Working as their freelance chef I have designed and managed a series of Thai pop-up restaurants around London from Hoxton Square to London Fields. Our 7-course taster menu fused Thai street food with edible insects. The feedback so far has been amazing and after a few sell out events so far I think the future is bright for Grub.

How does my work differ from its genre?

To be completely honest I don’t consider any of what I do as work. I’ve always loved food, and I’ve always loved writing. Anything that I can ever do to fuse the two is like eating two ice creams at the same time-awesome. I suppose my niche would be my documentation through working the 60 hour weeks, feeding the masses in central London on a day to day basis (insects or not), living life in the shouting, stressing, laughing and sweating so you don’t have to. It’s a crazy old world in the London restaurant scene and it’s a wonderful thing to write about.

Why do I write what I do?

I’m still yet to find the answer to this question myself? My simple answer would be because I truly enjoy sharing what I learn with whoever wants to listen. I enjoy trying to do something new and exciting as much as possible and deep down inside I do it so I can write about it. Witch ‘Articuleat’, it feels like I have my own little corner of the internet which I can share my thoughts with.

How does your writing process work?
Ha! Now I would love to say I routinely and consistently stick to a process in order to get the best out of my writing but I would be lying. The fact that I’m writing this now at two in the morning with a double shift in the kitchen tomorrow proves this. The fact is I write when and wherever I can using the inspiration and knowledge that I gather and learn every day. If I cook something I love, I photograph it, if I see or hear about something I love, I cook it and then photograph it. I keep two sections to my blog. One is used to share my own recipes that I create at home, work or anywhere really. My ‘behind the whites’ section follows the other side of my world, all the pop-ups, tastings, events, insect etc. by keeping these two separate sections of my blog it works as a great way for me to keep up with my writing and keep a record of some of the crazy shit I seem to get myself involved in. I enjoy writing it and I’m glad that people like to read it.

Anyway that’s enough about me. Thanks for reading and thanks to Petra once again for recommending me to write this, I hope you have learned a little more about me from this post.

Listed below are three of my favourite blogs to read. My bad organisation has come in to play once again as I have only just told them about my nomination. Therefore if they don’t accept I apologise, despite this their blogs are well worth a read anyway.

Shu’s blog is a delightful read as she shares with you the skills and recipes that she has taught herself in a lifelong battle to prove to her mother that she can cook, and she can look after herself. Her blog name began as a photo album to assure her mother that she is capable of looking after herself. Her food shows signs of her Singaporean routes and the skills and knowledge she shares from herself (and her mother) is not easy to find. ‘Mummy I can cook’ is a clever little blog and well worth a read.

The Mouse,

‘Live2eateat2live’ is a blog written under the alias ‘The Mouse’, in which you follow the Mouse’s culinary Journey as they eat their way from place to place. It’s short and witty posts keep you coming back for more.

Sharon Rudnitski,
Sharon keeps a wonderful blog which educates readers through her recipes. Her background in food science comes out in every word she writes as her clear, educational writing style comes into play. Her target audience is children and families but ever since I found her blog I have been addicted. Her dishes are delicious and her knowledge, teaching and writing style is a rare find.

Thanks for reading and I do hope that you all enjoyed my inclusion to the writing process blog tour.

Sebby Holmes

2 thoughts on “Articuleat A the Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. hi Sebby
    Wow! It does sound as if you are more than busy! I am so glad you took the time ti participate and thanks for sharing more about yourself!
    I will have to make my way to Peckham and try your delicious looking foods one day! (I just need to locate it on a map!) And insects, do you have a favorite one and if so what does it taste like?
    Great blog, I really enjoy reading it and I will have a look at the others! 🙂

    • Thanks Petra. Yes I certainly have enough to keep me occupied. It would be great to see you at the begging bowl some day. My favourite insects to cook and eat at the moment are crickets (now there’s something I didn’t ever imagine myself saying), this is due to their distinct and delicious flavour. It’s hard to describe as they are quite unique but they are best described as tasting like milky nuts, with a strong aftertaste and a texture like nuts. Thanks one again for asking me to join the blog tour.

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